How to make your house look like a giant outdoor swing chair

How to make your house look like a giant outdoor swing chair

A huge outdoor swing-chair made of recycled materials has just gone on sale at your local thrift store.

The furniture has been donated by a local thrifter, who donated it to the city of Melbourne for a $2,000 donation.

The swing chair was donated in 2011 by a man from Perth, who was struggling to afford the high price tag for an outdoor furniture.

“He was a single dad at the time and was living on welfare.

So he wanted to make some money,” a woman named Ann said.

The woman has donated the swing chair to the Melbourne city council to help make sure it is available to anyone who needs it.

“We have been doing that for a long time now, so he thought it would be really good to give it back to the community,” Ann said of the swing-bench.

The Melbourne council is hoping to recoup the donation by selling the swingchair at a thrift shop.

Ann said the swing’s design was based on a chair from the 1980s, but she hopes it will inspire other local residents to give back.

“It was an idea that just kind of grew out of my husband’s idea,” Ann explained.

“I was very excited that someone would want to do something like this and donate a swing-top, so it just happened to fit the bill.”

For more information on the swing and the Melbourne council, visit the council website.

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