Outdoor Pizza oven: ‘This is the most efficient and efficient pizza oven I have ever seen’

Outdoor Pizza oven: ‘This is the most efficient and efficient pizza oven I have ever seen’

A new outdoor pizza grinder is the latest innovation from outdoor furniture company OutdoorsRv, which is based in Sydney.

The company’s prototype uses a small, lightweight, metal-framed aluminum oven to bake pizza crusts on the rooftop of its Sydney store.

The prototype, called the OutdoorRv Pro, uses an external motor and rotary knobs to bake a crust.

The new version, the Outdoor Rv Pro+, is the first outdoor oven to use the rotary design, as well as a power-operated cooktop for cooking up to two people.

The product is still in testing and there’s still a long way to go before it can be used in the real world, but the company is confident it can deliver the oven to stores in Australia.

“We are really excited about the product because it is a huge improvement over what we have been using previously,” OutdoorRlve founder Mark O’Brien told Mashable.

“In the past, we’ve used a lot of aluminium on the inside, and now we can use a whole different material in the outside.”

The company says the product can produce a perfect crust of a whole wheat pizza at 60 degrees Celsius, which makes it ideal for outdoor kitchens.

The oven, which costs $200,000, can be made with a range of aluminium, stainless steel and glass, with the cheapest costing around $300.

OutdoorRvr is currently working on a bigger oven, to cater for up to six people, which will be available to consumers in 2018.

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