Outdoor projector for $20,000? Here’s the deal

Outdoor projector for $20,000? Here’s the deal

The price for a $20-per-hour outdoor projector that you can use anywhere outdoors for a few hours is about to go up, thanks to a new product from outdoor projector maker, OutdoorPower.

The $10,000, 3D projector that’s part of the OutdoorPower program is currently only available for purchase in the United States and Canada, but the company says it plans to add the projector to other markets over the next few months.

The $20 price tag makes the projector one of the most affordable options out there for the price of a $2,000 home theater system, according to OutdoorPower CEO Chris Tumlinson.

“We want people to be able to put the projector in their backyard, in their back yard, in the backyard of their neighbors,” TumLinson said in an interview.

The OutdoorPower 3D OutdoorPower OutdoorPower is a 3D outdoor projector, which means it can project a 360 degree image at a rate of up to 4,000 dots per second, making it ideal for video presentations, movies and more.

The company says its projector is easy to set up, as well as has a built-in timer that you set to automatically turn on when the projector is powered up.

The projector can be set up to project images up to 30 feet in front of the viewer, Tum Linson said.

You’ll need to buy an extra $10 for the projector, he added.

The projector can also be used for live TV and video recording, but it requires an additional $5 to get started.

The price is $20 for the 3D version, $25 for the 2D, $30 for the 1D, and $40 for the desktop version, according Topps.

There’s also a free download of the program for the product, which costs $19.99.

There are a few different models available for the Outdoor Power program, with the basic model costing $25 and the more expensive model costing around $50.

For more information, visit the Outdoorpower website.

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