Outdoor seating is a big draw for outdoor visitors in Australia

Outdoor seating is a big draw for outdoor visitors in Australia

Outdoor seating has become a popular way to get people outdoors in Australia, with many of the country’s biggest tourist attractions and major metropolitan areas offering it as an option.

The popularity of outdoor seating has seen the number of visitors to Australia increasing, according to new figures released by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

Outdoor seating, which includes sitting and standing areas, has seen an increase of almost 12 per cent since 2011, according the Department.

It’s estimated there are about 10 million Australians who have visited Australia on or off-premises, or visited more than two million times, the figures show.

The number of Australians who visit their local community’s outdoor seating locations also increased by 6 per cent.

Outdoor seats are also popular with people who are new to Australia.

A survey of 2,000 Australians by the Australian Travel Industry Research Centre found that Australians who were new to the country were more likely to have outdoor seating than those who had been there for years.

Outdoor areas can be very different from those found in traditional buildings and are often smaller than what is found in a typical public area.

Outdoor dining and social activities are often less formalised than those found at home.

Outdoor shopping is also becoming more popular, with shoppers preferring the convenience of a shopping centre-style shopping experience.

While outdoor seating is the most popular way for Australians to get outdoors, the Government has also made it easier to get there by offering some discounts to help with travel costs.

It has also introduced some of the nation’s biggest attractions, such as the Sydney Opera House, which are also set to be open more often.

In 2018, the Sydney Harbour Bridge opened to the public for the first time, and the new Sydney Harbour Docklands was opened for the public in 2018.

In 2021, the opening of the Sydney Airport also saw the opening to the general public.

While some tourist attractions such as Bondi Beach and the Great Barrier Reef have closed, many are still open to the open to visitors.

Australia’s National Parks are also open to all visitors, although there are restrictions for those with special needs.

The Government also plans to introduce a number of new national parks, including the Great Sand Dunes National Park in Queensland and the South Australian Wetlands National Park.

Tourism can be a lucrative business for some of Australia’s largest corporations.

The Australian Retailers Association has also warned that some businesses may struggle to survive in an era of rising costs and a weak global economy.

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