‘The perfect outdoor shooting range’: How a humble outdoor shooting gallery transformed a Mumbai neighbourhood

‘The perfect outdoor shooting range’: How a humble outdoor shooting gallery transformed a Mumbai neighbourhood

A couple of years ago, when my wife and I were moving out of our rented apartment in Mumbai, we decided to go for a stroll in a deserted neighbourhood.

We walked past the main road, past the empty shops and restaurants, and even past the rubbish bins.

After a while, I noticed that the neighbourhood had a few small, well-kept, open spaces.

I asked my wife if I could go to the corner of this one space, and she agreed.

She and her husband, who was a former army officer, were avid outdoorsmen.

So we made a reservation for a day.

On the way back, we passed through a few shops that sold foodstuffs, or even used to sell foodstamps.

But, they were too far away.

The store was just a few meters away from the road, and the storekeeper was a young man who used to work as a maintenance man.

When we walked past him, he was talking to a lady from another shop who had a large collection of outdoor equipment.

We were fascinated by the fact that the shopkeeper, who worked in the neighbourhood, was selling outdoor equipment in this very spot.

He knew how to build, assemble and repair outdoor equipment, and he knew about how to operate it.

When he asked us if we wanted to purchase one of his outdoor shooting ranges, we agreed.

A few days later, he came and gave us a tour of his shooting range.

A couple months later, we came back and asked if we could visit his shooting ranges again.

We asked if he could bring the range to our house for us to shoot on it, and when he said no, we told him we would go elsewhere.

And so, on March 11, 2019, our family went out to visit the shooting range with a group of friends.

It was the first time we had visited an outdoor shooting facility in Mumbai.

It had a lot of outdoor shooting equipment that we wanted for our family, and we went out for a walk.

We saw the shooting area from many different directions.

We watched the men and women on the range, and also some of the shooting targets, and saw the targets that were made by other shooters.

There were a few shots that were missing, but the range was well maintained and we were not disturbed by anything.

The next day, we returned to the shooting site.

It is a big outdoor shooting field.

It has many shooting targets and shooting positions, and you can see that the shooting field has some trees.

It also has a few waterfalls.

We decided to walk around the shooting areas for a while.

We spent time watching the targets and looking for other shooters who were doing the same thing.

There was no one in sight.

We did not find any shooters.

When the shooting season started in March, we went to the range.

The shooting areas were all crowded with shooting enthusiasts, and there was no place for people to relax.

I saw that the people who were shooting were not in the right order.

We tried to walk into the firing range and asked a few people, but nobody came.

When I asked about the shooting, the shooting experts said that they did not need to go in to the firing areas because the shooters were used to the crowd.

I said that I had never seen any shooters who would go out of their way to avoid the crowd, so I asked them.

They said that there were people who would have to wait outside.

They did not know if it was the shooting or if it would be the shooting night.

The night of the shoot, the crowd was around the place where we had spent the night.

When people were shooting, they would put on their safety goggles and go to a certain place.

Then, they go to their own shooting positions and they will put on the mask.

They do not want the crowd to disturb them.

I have seen shooters that went out of the firing area to watch a shooting from a distance, but I never saw them do this before.

We then asked the shooting expert why he would have set the shooting positions to take the crowd out of range.

He said that this was to protect the shooters from being disturbed.

He also said that it was to be a bit different from the usual practice of the shooters, who would shoot on the streets or in the parking lots of shopping centres.

He then said that these shooters were not always able to go outside and see the crowd because they did the shooting in the shooting fields.

We also went to a shooting range near the city to try and observe the shooting.

The range was located in the back of a building, which was crowded with people.

We went there for the first day, but by the end of the day, the place was empty.

People were outside the firing grounds.

The shooters, we saw, did not have the equipment to operate their shooting guns

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