Walmart opens outdoor shower kit and outdoor pillows for sale

Walmart opens outdoor shower kit and outdoor pillows for sale

Walmart has opened up a number of outdoor shower kits, pillows and other products for outdoor living.

The company also plans to release a full line of outdoor accessories this summer.

The company will begin selling the outdoor shower and pillows on in a limited time period from Aug. 23 through Aug. 28, and also sell the outdoor toiletries and accessories on Walmart’s online store, which began selling the same items at its regular price on Aug. 24.

The products are available for pre-order for $39.99 each.

The Outdoor Pillows and Accessories line includes two products, a “waterfall shower head,” which includes a tub, shower and showerhead; and a “boulder shower head” with a removable mesh lid.

The outdoor shower head is $59.99, and the outdoor bathtub is $89.99.

A new outdoor toiletry line also will be available for purchase.

It includes three products: a “cotton toiletry” with three mesh compartments, a water filter, a soap dispenser and a bottle opener; and the “tough fiber” toiletry with three pockets and three compartments.

The fiber toiletry is $79.99 and the fiber bathtub, $129.99Each product comes with a one-year subscription to’s “Blessed with Outdoor” program. is a free online marketplace where shoppers can shop for outdoor accessories, toiletries, camping supplies and more.

The website also offers a number in-store locations.

The Walmart Outdoor Pillow and Accessories lines are available on Walmart.* A previous version of this story incorrectly stated that the outdoor pillow and toiletries were available on