What you need to know about outdoor floodlights

What you need to know about outdoor floodlights

What are outdoor floodlight displays?

They’re usually small and can be bought from any of the following retailers:Auckland Council (ACT)Waterfront New Zealand (WA)The City of Auckland (WA), and South Auckland (NZL)Waterlight NSW and The City of Christchurch (NZ)The State Government of New South Wales (SA)New South Wales Rural Fire Service (NSW)Waterman Waterfront (VIC)Woolworths (NS)The Queensland Waterfront Authority (Qld)The Victorian Waterfront Trust (Vic)The Tasmanian Waterfront Management Council (Tas)Waterworks Victoria (Viet Nam)Queensland Fire Service Tasmania (QST)The Australian Waterfront Council (Aus)Victoria Waterfront Corporation (Vics)The Waterfront of New Zealand has been established in 1882 to provide a platform for the industry and for people to discuss water supply and use.

They are not an authorised distributor of floodlights, but do allow them to be supplied to businesses.

In 2018, the Queensland Government established the Queensland Waterlight Council as an authorised supplier of floodlight display products.

The Queensland Council of Waterfronts (QCB) is the body responsible for managing and overseeing Queensland’s floodlights and has been able to provide them with the support they need to operate efficiently.

The Queensland Waterside Council is an Australian registered organisation with a network of approximately 30 organisations across Queensland.

They also supply floodlights to the Queensland Department of Premier and Cabinet, which is responsible for administering the Act.

The waterfronts operate under the control of the Queensland Public Service Commission (QPSC).

Queensland Government website Queensland Government’s waterside floodlighting information.

The Queensland Government provides waterlights in a wide range of colours, sizes, brightness and levels of brightness.

Waterfront Queensland website

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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